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    Juniper2 is a specialist advisory business helping leaders in marketing communications manage their businesses better. And become better leaders themselves.

    Noel Penrose is Chairman of Juniper2 and has worked for Omnicom agencies for 20+ years in a variety of senior operational, commercial and general management roles. He has worked closely with the CEO, President, Founder or Chairman of large and small agencies to grow, build, manage, change, lead and motivate performance from the business and the management team.

    If you have an agency issue, Noel will have dealt with it at some point.


    Juniper2 can help you transform your business and achieve greater personal and professional success

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    All elements are independent and customised to your challenges.
    We can work on day rates, fixed project fees, annual retainer or even equity in-lieu of fees basis where appropriate.


    A wise owl
    to share the

    Most growing businesses have a leader, skilled in
    craft and client relationships. Good on their feet,
    and good with people too.

    It’s hard migrating from practitioner to CEO, and harder
    still to manage all elements of a fastgrowth business in
    a time of change and economic disruption.

    It can be lonely being the leader, and Juniper2 offers an
    independent, uncomplicated support role in the form of a
    mentor, sounding board and consigliere, all rolled into one.
    A wise owl to share the burden, who has been on the front
    line and dealt with the challenges of building and managing a
    successful business in marketing services. Someone mature and
    independent that founders can talk to without being judged, in
    an open and frank environment of trust and learning.

    If you’re an ambitious business leader looking for growth,
    and want to pick the brains of an independent expert
    practitioner who has been there before, contact Noel
    Penrose at Juniper2.

    Do you
    any of these
    signs in your
    • No-one to talk to about the real challenges in the business
    • You are spending more time managing problems than developing ideas
    • Working hard but not delivering the profits you know you should be able to produce?
    • Overtime is high but revenue is soft
    • Profits are spiky and inconsistent
    • Increased need for non-billable staff, and the cost burden they represent
    • Growing pains affecting the culture and feel of the business
    • Client pressure on fees, but you haven’t changed the way you deliver the service
    • Conversion win rates falling
    Do any of the above strike a chord?
    There are 5 stages of growth for modern marketing communications
    agencies; birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence & maturity. Whichever
    stage you find your business in, you will face a series of common
    challenges and barriers to further growth and development
    to the next stage.

    Noel Penrose
    has been
    Director for
    Omnicom Europe,
    Vice PresideNt for
    DDB Worldwide,
    Global COO for
    Interbrand and
    Wolff Olins.
    He has worked in advertising, branding, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing, healthcare and digital. His expertise in these roles at a number of agencies has been responsible for:
    • Turning loss-making agencies around
    • Achieving topline revenue growth
    • Rebuilding margins
    • Managing through a downturn
    • Ensuring smooth transition of agency leadership
    • Successfully selling selected agencies
    • Acquiring agencies for merger, integration or as stand-alone network partners
    • Mentoring and coaching leaders and managers at all levels of organisational responsibility
    Management Challenges of Growing a Marketing Communications Agency Noel Penrose: Profile

    • The Leadership component supports the direction and
      value development of the business.
    • The Performance component looks at ways to improve
      business performance in revenue growth, resource
      management and profitability.
  • Services and Expertise

  • what people say


    we work with
    of all types
    and sizes
    • We work with marketing communications
      agencies of all types and sizes to
      prepare for and manage growth and
      improve business performance.
    • Independent agencies, businesses
      that are part of an integrated group
      and agencies that form part of a large
      network. Agencies at a critical point
      of transformational development or in
      transition from one stage to the next.
    • The common theme is the appetite
      of the agency leader for personal
      development, business growth and
      performance improvement; whether
      owner-manager, independent or


Noel Penrose is author of 5 publications that can help you, including Growing a Marketing Services Agency.
Each are available for download or purchase below.
Noel Penrose
is author of
a Marketing
Noel Penrose is author of ‘Growing a Marketing Services Agency’. This article identifies five stages of agency growth, the management challenges facing the founder at each stage, and the personal leadership requirements as the founder migrates from principal through Managing Director to CEO.

Noel has also authored ‘dadvice’, a short collection of articles providing business, life and social advice & guidance for young entrepreneurs and aspiring managers starting their business career. The mantra of dadvice is ‘win with honour, lose with grace, always compete’.

Dadvice is available now, published by smash words



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